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With  maturity, comes various responsibilities which you need to look after as an adult. One such major responsibility is filing taxes on time! The term ‘taxes’ must not sound much amusing to majority of people but after going through the following points, your mindset will drastically change after knowing the amazing returns and benefits of paying taxes!


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You don’t need to take along multiple income proofs with you because filing your Income Tax return, itself is your ultimate income proof!


Out of many advantages of filing the Income Tax returns, the best one is that it boosts up bank‘s trust in you which eventually helps them to sanction your loans hassle-free at a lightening fast speed!


Experience a worry free trading of stocks, hassle-free opening of new bank accounts, acquire maximum of credits from reputed banks, make investments in various fields on the go, etc. Yes, filing your Tax returns can earn you a premium pass and the best access into the financial institutions and that too with ease!


Filing your Income Tax returns also gives you an important power to claim your refunds for deducted taxes or for the excess amount you paid of your tax liabilities.


Majority of foreign countries keeps a close eye on your financial status before they grant you with a visa. Hence, Income Tax returns becomes a mandatory document to present for the same.


You indirectly contribute towards the betterment of our country by paying taxes on your income and this is what makes filing your Tax returns of utmost importance.


For business organizations and professionals, it is important to file Income Tax returns if they are willing to conquer certain tenders which will take them to new heights.

Now you know all the advantages of filing the Income Tax returns, it’s important for you to get an expert assistance to file your tax returns on time and this is the reason why H&R Block is here for the rescue. Check out the video below so you won’t miss out on your dreams by avoiding tax returns on time!

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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose will always remain one of the most charismatic and dashing personality of Indian Politics. He dominated the Indian Politics for more than couple of decades and shined in his own caliber in his own unique way. He had such a positive aura with strong personality  that his character’s charisma still continue to inspire all of us today too. He was certainly a tragic Hero of India’s freedom struggle to be precise. His talks were as precious as pearls which inspired an individual to the core, following is the compilation of the 10 most inspiring quotes of his!


SKETCHED: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

  1. “One individual may die for an idea, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives.”
  2. Freedom is not given, it is taken.”
  3. “We should have but one desire today, the desire to die so that India may live.”
  4. “Give me blood and I shall give you freedom.”
  5. “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
  6. Compromising wrong and injustice is the biggest crime.”
  7. “No real change in history have been achieved by discussions.”
  8. “When we stand, the Azad Hind Fauz has to be like a wall of granite; When we march, the Azad Hind Fauz has to be like a steamroller.”
  9. “It is our duty to pay for our liberty with our own blood.”
  10. “I owe my food and everything else to my country. I must be grateful to the nation by serving it.”

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Situated in the heart of the city and just about 1.2 kms drive from Nashik Road Railway Station, Hotel Orange Tree is one of my personal favorite option whenever I feel like having a luxurious & quality food at price at a restaurant with a decent ambience!


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Hotel Orange Tree has a variety of dining choices which are capable to satisfy the taste buds of all kinds of foodies and their marvelous and ethnic dishes will surely prove my point right.

You can enjoy an array of some really top-end food with atmosphere that suits you and the foodie inside you at the following sub-restaurants of Hotel Orange Tree:

  • Garden Restaurant: Hotel Orange Tree‘s gourmet cafe provides a wide range of freshly brewed teas and coffees combined with a hint of light snacks.
  • Tatva Restaurant: This multi-cuisine restaurant of Hotel Orange Tree complimented with the plush garden porch is tailor-made for you along with a fascinating menu which will surely make the foodie in you happy.
  • 360o The Lounge: A blissful ambience with a soft music playing in the background complimented with an excellent service – stocked with a wide range of fine wines, liquors and spirits sums up the awesomeness of this beautiful Bar & Lounge of Hotel Orange Tree.

Out of these amazing dining options available at Hotel Orange Tree, the ‘Tatva’ restaurant is one of my personal favorite due to its calm & composed atmosphere which goes perfectly well with the delicious cuisine offered in the restaurant.


A dispense bar is adorned to the ‘Tatva’ Restaurant which is stocked with a wide range of drinks which will provide you a soothing experience with your meals.



Paneer Crispy

Hotel Orange Tree has a variety of starters in veg and non-veg department, but if you’re a Paneer fan then you just cannot afford to miss a wide range of Paneer starters here. The Cottage-cheese here is soft and tastes exquisitely well, which will certainly leave the foodie in you happy and joyful!

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala Served With Tandoor Rotis (Image Credits: Google)

You can find a flurry of Punjabi and Mahrashtrian cuisines when you look at the Menu Card of Hotel Orange Tree, but as I had mentioned earlier – Nothing Beats the taste of Paneer here! Loaded with some really awesome spices and taste, the dishes here will convince the foodie in you to jump in joy for sure.


Vanilla Ice-Cream With Hot Chocolate Sauce

The desserts here at the Hotel Orange Tree are equally awesome as the starters and main course, you will get to choose from a list of authentic desserts which will seal the deal for your foodie desire.

           All in all, if you prefer a quality food with a luxury touch, then Hotel Orange Tree is a must visit place, I bet you won’t be disappointed with the variety of cuisines and blissful ambience here. No doubt, it is one of my personal favorite restaurant in Nashik!

Know more about Hotel Orange Tree and also find all the leading restaurants in Nashik on, do checkout their site as it is one of the best and most helpful search portal for finding awesome restaurants in your respective cities. It also has a special review section below each restaurants which will assist you in choosing your place to dine wisely!


As a party animal & wine lover, I’m always an excited creature when it comes to SulaFest every year! It’s that time of the year where you get to chill with a glass of wine in hand, groove to a quality music and soak up the beauty of nature’s lap in Nashik. After three sold-out editions in a row, SulaFest was transformed into a lot more bigger and better appearance this time around! Following are the reasons why SulaFest was a blissful experience to every person who attended it.


B9ULfuWCAAErIpbDancing away to glory with a glass of wine in hand always feels awesome & what else can be better platform than SulaFest for experiencing this! The popular Tasting Room and the new rustic Tasting Cellar gave away special tours and tastings for all wine enthusiasts. In addition to all the Sula wines, there was a wide variety of foreign wines imported by Sula Selections. Hardys were the wine partner and there were also Asahi Beer, Cointreau, Grant’s and Sierra Tequila for all the thirsty souls present out there!


IMG_0330A Grand Stage in between the amphitheater of Sula Vineyards beautifully complemented the picturesque view of the endless greenery of vineyards alongside River Godavari and partying in the cradle of nature was nothing short of a heaven-like feeling!


B9UN3icCIAEaC3mVero Moda India never fails short of being a standout brand and they prove this fact yet again by building photo-shoot spots with their name at regular intervals throughout the Sula Vineyards. Must say, clicking at these photo-shoot spots was a real fun!


B9VpPXLCYAIhL_WThe Ska & Alt-Rock Music genre presented by Will And The People was absolutely stunning. They simply lit up the atmosphere with their soulful music & amazing vocals coming out of the strings of their enchanting Guitars, they really made crowd groove to their tunes peacefully!



B9VxjzrCYAAAdr4The skills these Guitarist from Texas displayed at the SulaFest was simply blistering, after watching him treat his guitar like a toy almost everyone present there understood that this man can do wonders with his wooden Acoustic Guitar. He proved out to be a real showstopper at the SulaFest ’15!




One of the most amazing pop singer in India, Lucky Ali, proved out to be one of the main attractions at SulaFest ’15. He sang his popular chartbusters, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, Ek Pal Ka Jeena, O Sanam, Gori Tere Aankhein Kahein – and that took the crowd to a parallel universe. It was also one of the last performances at the fest, so me being an emotional person, was left with a teary-eyes with this blissful aura!


Must admit that the SulaFest ’15 in association with Vero Moda India was an experience worth remembering till the next installment of the fest. It provided a much needed relief to the hectic schedule and the same old daily routine! I bid farewell to this happening place with a promise to comeback next year with whole new energy and positivity to kill my working blues!

Falling in love is one of the most eventful, pleasing and frightening (at times) thing you could ever do.

When you’re in love with someone, it’s hard to even imagine how you lived without him/her. Of course, you were alive before you met this person, but you really didn’t start “living” until the two of you met!

I still remember when I first fell in love with that someone special, it was a very out of the world feeling, as I never-ever imagined falling in true love till the moment I saw her. I specifically remember the transition from when I liked her to when I began to love her.

She went from being someone who made me smile to being the greatest catalyst of the happiness and joy in my life. She went from a cute & charming girl I met to the most beautiful girl on the earth I know. She went from my crush to the love of my life!

Everyone experiences love differently, and at different times. Even the meaning of love is extremely instinctive, but I say for certain that anyone who has experience d it knows it’s the best feeling ever for sure.


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After lot of analyzing, I’ve managed to create a bunch of things you will experience when you’re in love with the right someone!

  • The Best Part Of The Day

As Childish Gambino said, “When I’m alone, I’d rather be with you.” Seeing a glimpse of her is always the highlight of my day. If you really love someone, you never get bored or tired of him/her. No matter how great your day might be going, your special person will make it even more better.

  • The First Person You Think Of Everytime

Your love will be the first person you’ll think about when you wake up and the last person you think about before you go to bed. When something good happens, this is the first person you want to tell & similarly, when something bad happens, start looking for the support of this person.

  • Sacrificing Your Happiness For Your Partner’s Happiness

As they say, Love is Selfless & I started believing in this fact after meeting her. I was the most important in my life before she made her an adorable appearance in my life! I became a lot more responsible & serious person after her entry. Fulfilling her needs makes me happy & I always keep trying to do the same into some way or other.

  • You Want Think  Twice Before Doing Anything (Yes Any Damn Thing) For Her

Yes, the addiction of love hypnotizes you so immensely that you won’t mind sacrificing your life for her. The only thing a passionate lover needs is happiness and smile on his/her partner’s million-dollar face!

  • You Become A Lot More Comfortable To Publicize Your Feelings

I personally telling the world I am in love (don’t know why!) But I don’t find anything prejudiced it. If you love someone, then there’s no point in holding it back. Show the world how to love someone fearlessly & I feel this is an art which only courageous people (like me) attempt to do!

  • You Even Start Loving Imperfections

To be honest, I’m in love with one of the most beautiful girl in the world (many of them who know agree with this fact) but as we know no one on this planet is born perfect, everyone has some or other imperfection. Yes she too has many (Looks-wise, she is exemplary. I’m talking about her mood here which changes every now & then!). Although I take her ‘moody’ imperfections as unique and ability and yes, I love them too! Always remember if you love someone, learn to love his/her faults too. This will bring laurels to your relationship!

  • You Start Pretending Future

Another noticeable change you will feel in your fantasy world after falling in love is that your mind will automatically start planning long-term, right from what you will wear on your marriage day to what will be the names of your children! It sounds funny, but it does happen in every second relationship. But I personally feel, planning beyond limits will rise the amount of expectations and if they won’t be fulfilled, cracks begin to develop in a relationship and eventually, everyone knows what happens. So, it’s better to live the priceless present with your love rather than wasting time in constructing the wobbly future.

  • You Become A Lot More Responsive Person Than What You Were Before

Yes, love has the ability to change a person in many ways. You will find a drastic change in your mindset, the way you pursue things & also in your personality sometimes. You always try to become a presentable and responsible person  for become that ideal someone you love & adore more than your life. This is one of those rare advantage of falling in love!

  • Your Feelings Become Firm And Strong

If you love someone unconditionally, naturally your feelings will have no bounds or barriers. When you know whom you love, then you don’t care about what world will think or comment on it, you just have to go all guns blazing in love!

  • Your Love Is Your Support System

Your love automatically becomes your best friend, yes this happens in almost every relationship. Because the only person you feel need to share your happiness & worries is the person whom you’re in love with because your he/she is the only one who can give you the best advice or suggestion I fell!

So this was a short ride through the life of lovers. Love is a beautiful feeling until it transforms into a burden of expectations. Everyone should fall in love & experience it but with care because broken hearts & lost trust cannot be won back as much efforts you’ll do. So always put efforts to transform your love story into a fairy-tale rather than a nightmare!

Since the unfortunate, untimely and enormously saddening demise of 25-year old Australian Cricket Star Phil Hughes, the global impact has been nothing short of staggering. I still remember that agonizing movement when he collapsed after getting struck with Sean Abbott’s lethal bouncer (In fact, as an ardent Cricket fan, I will never forget this death-dealing Cricket delivery for my whole life).


Vale Phillip Hughes

From a personal perspective, the death of this young country boy who chased Baggy Green dreams has impacted my views on the game which I always thought was simple and easy like majority of the spectators think. But after this incident, I’ll always believe in the fact that a Batsman is nothing less than a soldier defending the bullets coming swiftly from the other end. Who would have ever thought that a bright and sunny Tuesday morning will bring along an unforgettable calamity.

Talking about the tributes received from the whole Cricketing World as well as die-hard cricket fans around the globe, I don’t think there would be any person on this earth who wouldn’t have had tears in his/her eyes. From the hierarchy of the Australian Cricket Board retiring Hughes’ no. 64 jersey to changing the retiring score from 50 to 63 in junior cricket, tributes to ‘Hughesy’ have been extensive. Perhaps one of the most moving sentiments came from the Twitter trend #putyourbatsout, where people affected by this great loss placed their bats outside their doors with their caps draped over the handle.


My personal #putyourbatsout tribute to Phillip Joel Hughes

After experiencing so many homages from every corner of the world to a supremely talented young man, I understood how A Sport can connect people all around the world and affect them in different ways.’ Personally, I still can’t come over the fact that this young rising talent is no more. Imagine, A cricketer at the peak of his game, selected from his country to play at the number 3 spot in the upcoming India vs Australia Series, the innings he was playing to comeback into his beloved test team, cost him the terribly sad and ultimate price.

Another addition to this miserable incident is the rigorous condition through which Sean Abbott is going through currently. Imagine getting arrested for the crime you never committed, getting charged for something which you never ordered, getting punished for the sin you never ever thought of doing even in your wildest of dreams. Trust me, no bowler bowls to kill someone and this was just another premium bouncer which is taught to bowl in every Cricket Coaching Institute, Schools, Academies, etc. I really hope Sean Abbott will swim his way to get back into the business. Because, Cricketing World has already lost a good batsman and now we can’t afford to lose a good bowler.

They say life is unfair and this incident proved it yet again. After experiencing incidents like these, my mind automatically starts questioning the existence of God but there’s nothing much we can do about it. ‘Birth’ and ‘Death’ is the part and parcel of the life, all we need to do is give our all in to become a successful player before retiring from this world. No doubt, the loss of Phil Joel Hughes can never be restored, but as they say, the show must go on! I pray to God (If he really exists) to give enough strength to Hughesy’s family, friends and every person connected with his short and sweet journey of 25 years, which will always be paused at the score of 63*. Rest In Peace Braz, thank you for all the moments you gave us to treasure for lifetime. We’ll miss you!

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There is no arguing about the fact that the giving of gifts has become a very big part of our daily lives. Whether its for someone’s birthday, a Christening, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day or even a new baby, gifts have a central role in the way we interact with each other.

As the wedding & festive season kicks-off, we receive at least two invites a day & soon our dinner table transforms into a round-table conference to discuss about what to gift to whom. Agreed that till the date you have been frequently visiting your favourite gift shop, i.e. offline store, but this time (or perhaps from now onwards) let online gift shop serve you.

While browsing through gifts online, I stumble upon some new ideas as one of these premium online gift portal namedCherryTin regularly update and upload fresh gifts for their consumers. As soon as you enter this charismatic e-Gift store, you will discover a variety of sections out there (consisting variety of options to choose from).

As I was going through this mesmerizing gifting site, one section which attracted my eyes to the core was the Bridal Section. You can find 4 options under the Bridal section as follows:


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You can find invites that set the mood for the occasion to come, and announce the special day. You can also Customize the invitation cards which can elevate the experience in style – traditional or contemporary.


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Little details can make a world of difference. A bespoke yet practical gift that accompanies the wedding invite speaks volumes, and can provide a glimpse of the wonderful things in store & this section under the Bridal tab provides you the same.


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Making out of town visitors feel welcome and part of the ceremony is an art, and this section under the Bridal tab consists of carefully selected gifts with personal touches from the bride and groom can achieve just that.


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What guests remember will come down to precious moments and keepsakes that echo those sentiments. This section under Bridal tab provides you the Gifts that thank and appreciate their presence will long be treasured.

Another highlight of CherryTin is hands down the Wedding Gifts section. It consists of Gifts that celebrate the couple are gifts that celebrate life, and the wonderful journey that lies ahead. A well thought out gift will always hold a special place for the newlyweds, and remind them of their special day & this section will help greatly for the same cause.

This was a short journey across one of the most amazing online gift store I have ever came across so far, do visit to experience the awesomeness yourself. I bet you won’t be disappointed! Also, do not forget to visit The Gifting Blog by CherryTin to which helps you decide what exactly you need.

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