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First-of-its-kind Fanbox to give fans unprecedented access to the ace cricketer – Virat Kohli.


MUMBAI, APRIL 25, 2016: Indian cricketer – Virat Kohli, Cornerstone Sport and Priviplex, a startup developing solutions for connecting global  celebrities with their fans, today launched Virat FanBox – the ultimate must-have kit for Virat‘s fans and admirers. It (Virat FanBox) offers direct and unprecedented access to Virat himself, both online and in real life, and is developed by PriviPlex in partnership with Virat Kohli.

The Virat FanBox comes loaded with the following features:


  • A one-year subscription to Virat FanBox club, a highly-exclusive fan club that gives its members unprecedented access to Virat, both online and in real life.
  • Moto G Turbo Virat Kohli edition smartphone: a state-of-the-art smartphone carrying Virat‘s emblem, designed and manufactured by Motorola.
  • A miniature bat autographed by Virat Kohli.
  • A welcome letter signed by Virat Kohli.


Speaking at the launch, Virat Kohli said, “As a cricketer, I feel genuinely blessed with all the love and support I get from my fans. The Virat FanBox is my endeavor to get closer to my fans than ever before; to connect and chat with them online and meet them in real life. I am excited and looking forward to engaging and interacting with the Virat FanBox club members via the app.”

The Virat FanBox membership is the best way for a fan to get up close and personal with Virat Kohli for the following reasons:

  • Virat will regularly share latest and exclusive updates with the club members on the Virat FanBox app.
  • Information and updates related to Virat will frequently be made available exclusively to Virat FanBox club members via the app.
  • Virat FanBox club members will get a chance to meet Virat in real life at special meet-ups across multiple cities in India.
  • Virat FanBox club members will get the opportunity to participate in live and private chats with Virat via the app.
  • Virat FanBox club members will get exciting rewards and offers on irresistible products and services for one year.

Upmanyu Misra, Co-founder of Priviplex said, “Virat shares a strong bond of love and trust with his legions of fans and we have developed the Virat FanBox to strengthen this bond even further. The FanBox will enable Virat to stay connected with his fans on a real-time basis.”


Ahmed Arab, Co-founder of Priviplex said,”FanBox is a first-of-its-kind fan club membership concept. The direct access to Virat himself that the fans will get is unheard of. We are really excited to be the first company in the world to enable such intimacy between the fan and the celebrity.”

Moto G Turbo Virat Kohli Edition:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe Virat emblem branded Moto G Turbo Edition is designed to match his fast pace. It comes with a TurboPower charger for quick charging, an ultra-fast Snapdragon Octacore processor,G LTE and IP67 rated protection to keep your phone safe from water and dust.

Amit Boni, General Manager, Motorola India said, “Motorola is glad to have partnered with Priviplex to help bring Virat‘s fans closer to him. We are certain that the specially designed Moto G Turbo in the Virat FanBox is going to give his fans a unparalleled mobile experience to connect with him on the go.”

The Virat FanBox is priced at INR 16,999/- and will be available for purchase from the first week of May. More information is available at

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Ordering almost every necessary thing from online stores has become a trend now and who would have ever thought that there will be a day when we will actually start ordering grocery online instead of roaming around a buzzy market! But guess what? The PepperTap App has actually transformed this wish of millions into a reality – All you need to do is just order groceries with a tap on your phone and it will be delivered within 2 hours at the doorstep.


Image Credits: PepperTap


Image Credits: PepperTap

Choose grocery that fits your need from a wide range of selections from PepperTap App which consists upto 5000 products in its inventory.


Image Credits: PepperTap

PepperTap assures the delivery of your grocery within 2 hours of placing the order at your doorstep, it also provides you an option to select a suitable time slot for scheduling delivery as per your convenience.


Image Credits: PepperTap

With PepperTap, you can easily track the status of your order in real-time – right from the packaging to delivery! It also displays the paid/balanced amount for your convenience.


Image Credits: PepperTap

As PepperTap has a simple and user-friendly interface, you can easily surf through variety of products on the go without any lag and it makes sure that you won’t face any problem until you complete your shopping & checkout successfully.


Image Credits: PepperTap

According to me, PepperTap App has made grocery buying way too easy. Now you don’t have to spend hours getting ready, shop in hurry surrounded by a lot of rush or worry about carrying huge bags back home! I recommend PepperTap to everyone as it is quite easy to use and any family member can easily buy grocery from anywhere at any point of the time through their smartphone or Tablet.

You can download the PepperTap from Google Play Store: PepperTap – Online Grocery and App Store: PepperTap – Online Grocery or Visit:

UCWeb has finally launched what it claims to be its “biggest update” to its UC Browser App for Android, stretching it to version 10.7.0. The all new UC Browser 10.7 now comes with a stunning new interface which provides quick and easy access to more content on Web to its users.

After personally discovering all of UCWeb‘s new update for UC Browser, I have found the following 7 things to look out for in the brand new UC Browser 10.7!

1. New Navigation Page:


Image Credits: UCWeb

Get hassle free and lightening fast access to mammoth content on internet using the convenient and simplified ‘Navigation Page’ of UC Browser 10.7.

2. Abundant Wallpaper And Themes:


Image Credits: UCWeb

You can customize your UC Browser 10.7 and express your style from a wide range and selection of wallpaper and themes.

3. Facebook Access And Notifications:


Image Credits: UCWeb

Experience an enhanced Facebook experience with instant access and notifications on the go with the new UC Browser 10.7 which is designed to delight your social life so you always feel connected to your loved ones.

4. Smart Download:


Image Courtesy: UCWeb

Save your data and time with UC Browser 10.7‘s Smart Download page which lets you manage your downloads effortlessly.

5. Incognito Browsing:


Image Credits: UCWeb

The new UC Browser 10.7 cares and respects your privacy and the ‘Incognito Mode’ will secure it to make sure that everything stays within you and your browser.

6. Night Mode:


Image Credits: UCWeb

UC Browser 10.7 not only provides a rich browsing experience but also helps you protect your eyes with its ‘Night Mode’ which lets you set the desired brightness level.

7. Doodle Share:


Image Credits: UCWeb

The one thing which I personally like about the UC Browser is its squirrel mascot which I really found very cute & the ‘Doodle Share’ option in UC Browser 10.7 actually allows you to share many moods of this squirrel right away. Everyone’s gonna love this specific feature for sure!

These are 7 features which I have personally loved to the core in UC Browser 10.7 but believe me there are many more features which are designed to perfection in order to surprise you so #DiscoverAll of them right away by downloading the updated UC Browser App for Android from Google Play Store here: