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We live in a world where expressing our real thoughts and feelings doesn’t seem to be a good idea because most of the times, your problems end up being just another joke to crack for heartless people and this is the reason why “All the glitters is not gold” term seems to be realistic to me.



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In modern world, where social pressure is increasing day by day and everyone wants to make and show their life so perfect to the world as if God has exceptionally crafted it to perfection and this is the reason why, we can see people breaking from each other and there’s a big communication gap in between the closest of friends who once were the beats of each others’ hearts. We have lost in the artificial world of perfection so much that we are least interested in sharing our problems with anyone and end up sharing the best of our moments on every possible social networking platforms we can. But somewhere deep inside in our heart, when we ask ourselves that are we really happy? Then, the answer is bound to be a big NO (Try it if you don’t believe me) and this is the sour truth of what exactly is happening around us at the moment.

Even I had a person in my life that was everything to me. There was a time, when we use to share smallest of things with each other. Distance was never a problem, such strong was our bond. I still remember all the fun we use to have together and how exciting our conversations use to get by every passing second. But as we know, every purple patch is bound to have obstacles in it maybe to test how unbreakable you relationship is (Well, at least some say so!). Even we had such a phase, sometimes I was the reason behind the damage and the other way around and now the situation is so worse, that we are back from where it all started – Yes, we are strangers again!

The people who were so addicted to each, who were there in each others’ good and tough times have actually decided to cut off from each other even without thinking twice before they do so. Maybe the degree of supremacy is ruling our brains so much that nobody wants to be mature and back out to take a desired step in order to save the relation.

I act as if I don’t care and so does the other person, I frequently share my happiness to the world because I fear of losing people around me now (Admit it, no one loves to be around a sad frustrated soul!) I have no clue what exactly displaying my life as ‘Perfect’ to the world will benefit me but I still do it to divert my attention from this nightmare and pretend as if I don’t need that person and I can live my life without him/her without any problems but in between this hullabaloo of life, whenever I ask myself that am I really what I’m trying to pretend the world? Don’t I really need that person that I’m happy to ignore him/her? Don’t I care about him/her? My heart doesn’t even take a moment to make me realize that how much I really care about that person and still feel the same love and affection towards him/her but my evil mind instantly battles with my heart and make me realize that if you back out now, you might be titled as a ‘Coward’ or ‘Loser’ by the world and I immediately calm down myself and I end up doing nothing eventually.

The motive behind this story is that there will be times when you need to make choices however difficult they are according to your priorities. In my case, I need to conduct a self-examination that do I need World – who will celebrate in my good times but can’t assure to be with me in my bad times or do I need that person – who was there in my good as well as bad times!

I have made up my mind; I need that person who has always valued my opinions because I care for him/her. Fights are bound to happen in every relationship but it all depends on how maturely you handle them and how badly you are willing to save your relation. So ask yourself whenever you’re in between some conundrum and listen to what your heart says because your mind can fool you but your heart won’t – This is the key behind the real successful life instead of what we actually end up pretending!

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